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Price list

Here is the price list for treatments I am currently offering:

Cancellation Policy

It is possible to cancel appointments without charge up to at least 24 hours in advance.

Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance will be fully invoiced.

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Wear comfortable clothes (cotton, silk, linen), make sure you drink enough water before and after the treatment (preferably not cold water).
Do not drink alcohol before or after treatment!
It's better not to have heavy meals before treatment.

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Intake (once only during first treatment), will take no more than 15 minutes.
Just to take inventory of important information about history, illnesses, operations and general but neccessary information.

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Price List


€ 6,00

Classical Shiatsu Therapy (60 / 30 min)

€ 59,00 / 35,00

Reiki session (45 - 60 min)

€ 40,00


Kinesio Taping session incl. tape

€ 15,00

Triggerpoint Therapy (1st session / next)

€ 60,00 / 35,00

Breathing and Relaxation Techniques

€ 40,00

Do-In classes: monthly / single / 10x card

€ 35,00 / 12,50 / 99,00

Pampering and such ( max 40 min)

€ 40,00

Custom made workshops and lessons


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Friendly reminder to please inform me of cancellations on time!
Appointments that are cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be fully invoiced.

Gift voucher

This is how to order a gift voucher:

  • Fill out this form.
  • You will immediately receive a reply per email.
  • Follow the instructions in that mail to transfer payment.
  • After payment is received I will send you the gift voucher as a pdf file.
  • You can printout the pdf and surprise the recipient.





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