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Do-In is als known as meridian stretching or Acu-yoga.sumo worstelaar

Do-In is an ancient art of movement that came into existence around 500 BC in China. There the name Dao-Yin was still used. The literally means “the way inside”. Do-In is a collection of exercises that can improve your health through stretching meridians (energy channels that course through the body and are connected to the major organs). These stretches are combined with deliberate breath work, which is  calmly and intently integrated into all the exercises.

Do-In is accessible for young and old, slim or chubby and also for people that have physical limitations. The exercises are easily adapted to any physical challenge which we all may have to endure at some point in life, some through illness or injury. The playful and interactive character of Do-In, where some exercises can only be performed by two people, is inviting very and stimulating without being too challenging.

Like so many things (nowadays computers and cars), this form of exercise was adopted from the Chinese and developed further in Japan. Do-In and Shiatsu find their origins in the traditional Eastern healing methods (the five element theory) which is mainly geared towards preventing illness by detoxifying the body and harmonizing between the five elements through regular treatment. The five element cycle (or cycle of five transformations) is always on the move under the influence of internal and external stimuli, so it always remains to be a work in progress. The power of Do-In manifests itself best through regular and independent practice (not only in class). Ten to thirty minutes a day is enough to make a real difference in your body and in your life.

You can also recognize Do-In as a practice in all dojo’s (exercise halls) for Martial Arts. In this case the meridians, acupuncture points and Ki (chi, prana, life force energy) are used to neutralize the enemy. Up until a short while ago this knowledge was kept secret and sharing of this knowledge outside of the dojo was strictly forbidden. On top of all that according to the ancient traditions Do-In also has an extra secret: it rejuvenates your body and prolongs your life.

Do-In as training form is inextricably connected to Shiatsu. In the traditional Shiatsu schools Do-In is also taught without exception. Mostly preceding the Shiatsu lessons the students enjoy an hour of Do-In together, to warm up, to sharpen the mind and to elevate the general level of energy. It primarily teaches you to feel your own Ki and to keep it balanced. It also sensitizes you to the energy flows of other people.

By executing the different postures the meridians (energy channels) are stretched and the breath and mind are brought together as one flowing entity. This enables the body to dissolve blockages in the energy flow, to store energy and fluids, Ki and essential nutrients to every remote corner of the body and to nourish it. As well as assisting your body to rapidly release any toxins where needed. During Shiatsu treatments Do-In exercises are often offered to clients to support their process by executing them at home after and between treatments.

Do-In has already proved to have a positive effective on the respiratory, digestive, muscle, endocrine and immune system, for many people. A pleasant side effect (but not unimportant) is that long muscles look slim! Apart from promoting more harmony in the body, Do-In also promotes enhanced mental stability which in turn guarantees that the internal organs are not weighed down by the detrimental physical effects of stress.

Do-In shows many similarities to yoga, but it is not the same. The goal we are aspiring to nonetheless is: to further your development in a harmonious and healthy way and to strive for a higher quality of life within your own boundaries.

The Bodyworks Studio is currently offering Do-In lessons in The Hague,
at Yoga- and Wellness Centre Corazón, Goudenregenstraat 89,
on Sunday morning from 10:30 to 12:00 am.

There are several ways to join class: monthly rate, ten class card, individual classes, but of course always first a sample class!

More Do-In

Summer Do-In

In July and August (or if the weather is good enough even in June!) the classes are accessible without a monthly or 10-session subscription. We will be on the beach as much as possible to have the do-in experience and everyone is welcome to join in. If the weather is bad we will still convene at the Corazon Studio. When the weather is nice (contact me ahead of time by phone) we move to the beach at Kijkduin. We meet at Strandtent 14 at 10:15 and find a nice place on the beach to get to work with our group. On the beach each class is 7 euro's.

Come over and give it a try!
The month of September traditionally brings free trial classes for Do-In, so that's a great chance to give it a try, energize you batteries and find delicous relaxation all in one.

Do-In pics

Giving each other a nice shoulder rub on the beach of Karpathos as part of our warmup.

do-in beach

Staying at The Three Dolphins in Lefkos made this holiday extra special.
I can't wait till next year to be there again. Please check them out, really worthwhile!