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Ginger Wrap and Moxa Treatment

Ginger Wrap and Moxa Treatment

Please don't miss out on a Ginger Wrap or a Moxa Treatment.

Delicious add-on after your treatment or a treatment all on it’s own. This Ginger Wrap warms and nourishes the kidneys and supports the detoxification of your body. Of course it is also really relaxing to just lie still without any fussing going on, enveloped in the glorious warm embrace of the ginger wrap without any further stimuli. Especially in winter this treatment is great, but for adrenal exhaustion, burnout or general fatigue this treatment can be given all year round. Special offer: add on after your normal treatment 10 euros and as treatment on it's own 37,50 euros. This special offer is available each year from October till March.

The moxa treatment (working with smoldering mugwart) can also help to boost your energy and strengthen your resistance. The prices for this extra treatment are the same as for the ginger wrap.

Another special thing about moxa treatment is that it can support bringing on labour if you are way past your due date, or can support the process of turning the child naturally if it is still in breach position late in the pregnancy.

Published 19-12-2012

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